About Us

Nestled in Northern Indiana, we are a small farm with a lot to offer!

We offer dried native plant material for herbal healing and health as well as nursery stock of native plants, shrugs, and trees.

We believe in living healthy in all senses (exercise, diet, mind) which led to the concept of harvesting and drying plants that grow naturally on the farm to use in herbal remedies.

We believe that using natural herbs for health is a lifestyle and should be engrained in the diet on a daily basis to sustain a higher level of healthy.

We still love our medical doctors and nurses as there are just some times you need a quick response to an illness or injury and pharmaceuticals need to come in to play.  But on a daily basis we try to be as healthy as possible.  The healthier we are at any age, the more we can enjoy life.

Thank you for visiting our site.  We will be gradually building our product list which includes products that have been ‘wildcrafted’  (naturally seeded, grown in their natural habitat, chemical free) at our little piece of heaven.

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