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Immune Boosters
We are a member of the Indiana Native Plant Society and have been certified as an Invasive Free Grower!

I haven’t posted in awhile, it’s been a busy year already!

We purchased an existing native plant bare root nursery and are excited to be learning a lot of new stuff as far as safe storage, what they look like (I’ve always seen what grows, but not always what is underground), and safe shipping to get them to customers. You can check out the existing website at

As far as current events, I am once again feeling fortunate that I get to live on this 107 acre piece of paradise and easily can distance myself from others. On the flip side, I am a little on the social side so it won’t be too soon to be able to go to get togethers again!

I still have plenty of herbs packaged and ready for purchase from last fall’s harvest. I would encourage everyone to purchase the elderberry and research recipes for making your own syrup or teas to boost your immune system gradually and naturally.

Stay safe everyone!

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