Native plant material

Native annuals, biennials, perennials and trees.

Why not go native in your own back yard?

We have native tree seedlings to offer!

Zone 5a-6a native trees can add to your landscape or make a great investment for years to come in lumber!

Native trees help to balance the environment by shade, windbreaks, erosion control, and wildlife habitat.

Advantages of native plants?

  • They are more tolerant to temperature and drought.
  • Once established, the hardiness to survive some of the crazy weather we get in the Midwest!
  • Help return balance to the natural environment including soil, erosion, and wildlife.
  • Low maintenance is also a plus as most are self sustaining in their natural settings (sunlight exposure, wind, moisture, soil conditions).

Check out our offerings planted and grown at Blue Fox Farms!

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Showing all 4 results