Burdock root (Arctium lappa) dried (Jar)


Burdock root used to cleanse you from the inside out or as a soak for skin conditions. We dig, peel, chop, dry, and package by hand our wildcrafted chemical free roots.

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Burdock root is amazing!

We harvest it in the later part of it’s first summer (it matures in the 2nd year), and looks like below when we dig.

It grows well here at Fox Farms!  The seeds from the mature plant are a larger bur that loves to stick to everything.

I heard that Velcro was invented from the ‘cockle bur’ as it is commonly called.

Animals and birds spread the seeds.  So far, I haven’t had to intentionally plant any to keep stocked!

Burdock root


Purchase our burdock root dried, by the ounce to be cooked with or used for teas or infusions.

Burdock root:

-Cleanses lymph nodes

-Is known as a liver tonic, blood cleanser

-Promotes elimination of high levels of uric acid from the kidneys

-Insulin feeds healthy bacteria in the colon

-Balances your internal heat

Please note!:

We are suppliers for the herbal medicine industry and are not certified herbalists; please consult with your personal herbalist for recommendations of those products that may help your journey to good health.  With that said, we do not promote herbal remedies as replacements for our medical industry.  Please consult your physician prior to any use.

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