Devil’s Claw (Harpagophytum procumbens) dried root (Jar)


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When we first moved to the farm and tilled up an area for a vegetable garden, we had these unidentified vining plants voluntarily growing in the garden.  I let them go, curious to see what they would be and they were Devil’s Claw!

Chopped and dried these Devil’s Claw roots are most popular for arthritis relief but also known as a good digestive stimulant.

The seed pods with their long sharp barbed hooks were used for weaving baskets.

Used in tinctures, teas.

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We are suppliers for the herbal medicine industry and are not certified herbalists; please consult with your personal herbalist for recommendations of those products that may help your journey to good health.  With that said, we do not promote herbal remedies as replacements for our medical industry.  Please consult your physician prior to any use.

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