Sassafras (Sassafras albidum) root



Sassafras tea has been passed down through the ages as a healing drink for many maladies.

Our Sassafras root are cut to 6-8″ lengths and rinsed, then shipped directly to you and priced by the pound.

Following are benefits of sassafras:

-Good for the liver

-Good for digestion

-Used as a blood thinner

-Diuretic properties

-used for cold and flu relief

-Relieves adrenal stress

-Kidney ailments

-Skin diseases


-Rheumatism and arthritis

Unlike most healing herbs, Sassafras is not one to try and make essential oils or anything that strengthens the compound Safrol that it contains.

Please note!:

We are suppliers for the herbal medicine industry and are not certified herbalists; please consult with your personal herbalist for recommendations of those products that may help your journey to good health.  With that said, we do not promote herbal remedies as replacements for our medical industry.  Please consult your physician prior to any use.







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