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What a summer!

Well, I haven’t kept up with my blogs but now that school is back in session, I may have more time to get back in to the swing of things. Meanwhile, here are a few pictures from this summers work! I have still been working! I have also listed some items on Etsy as well as eBay for sale, check them out!

This was the start of the culinary herb planting last spring! 19 flats of herbs and veggies were donated and planted! I will show you current pictures as soon as I get this weeded, it is currently pretty ‘hairy’ 🙂
Holy Horseradish! I’d say it likes that composted soil!
Elderberry in bloom! It’s been a great year for Elderberry, should be a great yield this fall!
Elderberries, bushes are loaded and starting to turn!
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